Rose International Doll Expo 2020 & ID&TS



feeling a bit sad today 😢😭 waking to the news that Fixed it 2020  has been cancelled due to COVID-19. was so looking forward to coming and meeting everyone . but there will be other shows in the future so i will be working towards 2021 .now every one keep safe the world is just crazy with this virus at the moment ..
I will still be working on finishing my babies  may now bring them to 2021 show
I am so excited to be going to the Rose Doll Show in 2020 

Booth # 420

and i will also be going to visit 
 im so looking forward to meeting everyone 

 Babies I will have for sale at rose are  listed below

Booth 420

 Butterfly Dragon Full Body Silicone

 Octavia (asleep)

Oberon (awake) 




Im hoping to have my new Vinyl kit Polly  (depends on when factory re opens)

there will be glow in the dark Full Body Silicone Alien Elara's 

And a couple blank kits will be available



These darling little Mandrake babies will be coming, gosh i hope no one wakes them up on the plane LOL 

there will be an awake version of her too:) 

and there will be lots MORE !!!!

Jayden cloth body silicone baby complete 

Patch mini silicone  baby elephants

Dippy mini silicone  mouse made by my son Brodie

Minnie full body silicone Sculpted by Bonnie Seiben and painted by myself

 Eyora full body Girl silicone Demon vampire baby 


Full body Albino Chimpanzee Hillary

 Full body silicone girl 

Hadassa sculpted by Lorraine & Enrroke Yophi 

And lots more .....