Earth Colour set Silicone pigment Set - 12 Colours

Earth Colour set Silicone pigment Set - 12 Colours

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 These silicone pigments are FANTASIC and very easy to use , they come in a squeezable bottle.  They are used like silicone pigment colours  but comes in so many more colours and in liquid form for easier blending. Mix and match for unlimited colour options!  Just add it to your Psycho paint Part A & Part B .

This set of  liquid silicone pigments offers an amazing neutral base for your AA silicone babies.

Dispersed in a “reactive” silicone fluid- it cross links with the platinum silicone matrix binding with your choice of platinum silicone.

Can be used as silicone pigment for all platinum silicone (Dragonskin, Ecoflex) intrinsically pigmenting silicone OR extrinsically mix with your choice of silicone (dragon skin, Psycho paint, Eco flex, RTV silicone) to use as silicone paint.

Can be mixed into your custom shades for painting or pigmenting biracial/Hispanic/Asian/African American skin tones.

Available in a 12 colour kit set 7ml per bottle-
White Oxide, Buff Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Red Oxide, Crimson Oxide, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Black Oxide, Green Oxide

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