Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE
Frog  Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE

Frog Alien Baby Eithia PROTOTYPE

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Fantasy Alien Baby Frog Prototype

DOB:25th Jan 2019
Weight: 1lb 7oz
Length: 14"  
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Closed

~~ DOE SUEDE BODY- Painted~~ 


~~All babies that come from A Wee Bit Of Heaven are from a smoke  free environment.~~ 
~~I only use the highest quality products when making my babies so you can be assured you are getting the best quality reborn baby~~ 
Eithia  will make a great addition to anyone’s collection. 
She is a One Of A Kind Hand Crafted Creation. No longer a play toy. 

NOT suitable for children but a beautiful collectable baby doll.


This amazing little baby Alien is so life like ,she will take your breath away! 
Se has the perfect features and skin texture and smell of brand new baby alien, 
you will just want to cuddle her all day long.. 
I have really fallen in love with her and am sure you will too .. 

Eithia was sculpted and painted by me(Jade Warner)

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Baby's Details 

Eithia is  truly a one of a kind little green frog alien baby there is no other alien like her ,She is looking for a loving family who will take good care of her . 

Eithia has a lovely doe suede  cloth body which i have painted to match her skin tone and is filled with soft fibre fill and glass granules in a sealed cloth bags to give her the weight of a newborn  baby.., 
she is just so cuddly and will just flop in to your arms. 
You will just want to cuddle her all day long. 
Eithia has full vinyl arms and  full legs which are also filled with fine glass beads and soft fibre fill, so she can be positioned in many ways. 
Her  head has been weighted with fine glass beads (in sealed bags) and soft fibre fill, 
so you will need to support her head just as you would a newborn baby . 
I do not use sand in any of my babies so they are safe to travel all over the world. 

I have achieved Eithia’s 3d skin colouring 
by using many layers of genesis heat set paints, 
This paint will never fade or come off. 

I spend many hours painting my babies to make them look as real as possible, 
she has a lovely skin completion with slight mottling, 
Blushing ,veining and a few blemishes of a newborn baby frog. 
Not one detail has been overlooked. 
Her colouring is just so amazing and true to life right down to her tiny little alien fingers and toes. 

Eithia is a sleeping baby frog so her eyes are closed. Eithia has dark Brown rooted eyelashes.
I have also added a slight moist look to her eyes  for added realism. 

I have coloured Eithia’s lips to make them look very natural for an alien and sealed them with a gloss sealer for added realism. 
Eithia’s nose has not been opened but has been shaded for added realism. 

Please note: 
All of Eithia's pictures were taken over different times of the day/days; Eithia's picture we taken in natural day light . 
Some pictures may seam darker or lighter depending on the lighting 
And will look different from one computer monitor to another. 

I would like to thank you for visiting Eithia's page.

Coming Home:

Sleeping pod (not pictured)
Hand Knitted blue Overalls , magnetic hair bow