Sam's SFP Matting Powder

Sam's SFP Matting Powder

Regular price $79.95

S.A.M. SFP Silicone Finishing Powder (matting Powder)

This powder will make your baby feel so smooth

comes in 2 sizes

5g Jar trial pack  $29.95

15g Jar will do approx 6 to 8 babies $79.95

Cuts shine, provides dry slip and gives a unique finish that can make raw silicone feel more like skin than rubber.

Use SFP as a finish for silicone prosthetic's , appliances, special effects, dolls, puppets, animatronics, prototypes and props. Can be applied to deadened, gelled or tacky silicone and silicone rubbers to remove the sheen and stickiness without significantly changing appearance. 1/3 the size of talcum powder, SFP is very sheer. A little goes a long way.