Skull Armature makes 18 -20"  Baby  By Jade Warner & Lisa Sylvia

Skull Armature makes 18 -20" Baby By Jade Warner & Lisa Sylvia

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Skull Armature to suit a cloth body baby – True to life to make a 18-20” newborn baby Created and produced by Jade Warner & Lisa Sylvia.
This armature has been carefully designed by sculptor Jade Warner & Lisa Sylvia to make sculpting easier and less stressful. Designed for their personal use in sculpting to correct the well know issues sculptors have keeping open eyes in place etc. They can be used for closed eyed babies as well and with a thick plaster mould can be carved to suit sculptors person needs to place larger eyes in the sockets. We have also added placement for the ears and neck flange. 
These armatures take 18mm eyes and sit perfectly. As mentioned above, can be carved slightly to allow 20” eyes if needed.
The head circumference on the skull is 12.5" , and the head shape and the dimension’s have been designed from a real newborn skull gestation of an 18” to 20" newborn baby. These skulls have been tested and are able to produce beautiful newborn babies that have a head shape that is true to life.
Please leave the foil layer on so the clay will then adhere to the skull and not shift beneath.
  • Armature Skull: By Jade Warner & Lisa Sylvia
  • Full Price: $39.00
  • Eye Size: 18mm or 20mm (Not Included)
  • Head Circumference of Skull: 12.5" 

Full Price is $39.00 AUD 

Please note : you are purchasing a plaster skull armature for you to sculpt on.
​Please note : all payments are non refundable and non transferable. All armatures will be poured once your order has been placed , so please allow 1 week processing time before shipping