Flesh Silicone Pigment Kit – 6 Skin Tones Colours

Flesh Silicone Pigment Kit – 6 Skin Tones Colours

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This is a new product which is in the process of being made to order, I am going to be the Australian  dealer for SAMS silicone pigment colours.

Estimate time of arrival TBD ( approx. April / March )

If you don't want to miss out in the first shipment  then be sure to place your orders now..  


These beautiful liquid silicone pigments offer an amazing neutral base for your silicone babies. Use it in your favourite platinum silicone base as paint OR use it to pigment your platinum silicone! 

Dispersed in a “reactive” silicone fluid- it cross links with the platinum silicone matrix binding with your choice of platinum silicone.

Can be used as silicone pigment for all platinum silicone (Dragonskin, Ecoflex) intrinsically pigmenting silicone OR extrinsically mix with your choice of silicone (dragon skin, Psycho paint, Eco flex, RTV silicone) to use as silicone paint.

Can be mixed into your custom shades for painting or pigmenting biracial/Hispanic/Asian/African American skin tones.

Available in a six colour kit set 7ml per bottle-
Pale Olive, Pale Pink, Tan Olive, Pink Blush, Olive Almond, Expresso