Psycho Paints A&B

Psycho Paints A&B

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Psycho Paints

50g of  A
50g of  B
comes in a squeezable container with flip top lid so easy to measure out equal amounts 

Due the low dollar and freight cost  there has been a price increase from my supplies  i have tried to keep my prices as low as i can but now i do need to add this increase to my prices .. thank you for understand
Psycho Paint® is a versatile and easy to use platinum silicone paint base developed to help special effects and prosthetic artisans, doll makers, etc. easily create painted-on color effects for their platinum silicone creations. It is a two component translucent clear platinum-cure silicone that is used to make a base for color pigmenting. Once the desired color is attained, Psycho Paint® is thinned with a solvent. Thin layers of paint can then be applied to a model’s surface (made of Dragon Skin®, Ecoflex® or other platinum silicone) using an airbrush. It can also be applied by brushing.

Colored Psycho Paint® will bond to the model’s surface and offers good abrasion resistance. It is very strong and will stretch and bend with the model without cracking or peeling.