SAM-32 Silicone Adhesive & Paint Base

SAM-32 Silicone Adhesive & Paint Base

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 SAM-32 (from Silicone Art Materials) as it comes out of the tube as a fast-set, high-strength silicone paint base and adhesive for both platinum and tin silicone. For older silicone kits or silicone that has adhesion issues this product will adhere.  Just mix with your pigment and thin with solvent. Paint as usual. 

Similar to Silpoxy but is a softer shore (not as firm as Silpoxy when dried)

Key Features:

  • Fast setting at room temperature
  • Very strong, incredible adhesion
  • Adheres to all silicones
  • Provides a flexible paint base for all silicones
  • Helps repair torn silicone
  • SAM (Silicone Art Materials) Silicone Adhesive & Paint Base is a high strength, fast setting material that adheres to all silicones.
  • 3oz size tube approx 85grams